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Call for Papers: Special Issue of Environmental Management on “Drivers and Dynamics of Collaborative Governance in Environmental Management”


Guest Editors: Hayley Henderson (ANU), Mark Imperial (UNC Wilmington), Saba Siddiki (Syracuse), and Nicola Ulibarri (UC Irvine)

While collaborative governance (CG) is a widely used approach in environmental management, much existing knowledge about the drivers, dynamics, and outcomes of CG stems from single case studies in a relatively small subset of countries and political systems. By aggregating up across case studies, CG research can develop more generalizable insights about how CG works, how it evolves over time, and how it impacts environmental management.

This Special Issue leverages the Collaborative Governance Case Database (https://collaborativegovernancecasedatabase.sites.uu.nl/), a common pool resource with over forty cases whose purpose is advancing comparative study of CG across sectors and geographies. The database enables both small-n and especially medium-n comparative case studies with data analysis methods (e.g. Qualitative Comparative Analysis) that can enable the identification of complex forms of causation and generalizable conclusions relating to CG.

All papers submitted for consideration in the Special Issue should draw on case studies from the CG Case Database.

Contributions may be of two types:

  1. Single (or small-n) case studies that expand the geographic scope of CG studies beyond commonly-studied North America and Europe, or
  2. Comparative studies drawing on multiple cases in the database

Both types of papers should address the strengths and limitations of collaborative governance for responding to the unique “governance challenges posed by the dynamism and uncertainties associated with environmental change” (Emerson and Gerlak 2014, p.768). Specific areas of inquiry may include: how CG processes interact with/respond to environmental change; how CG operates in different political, geographic, or environmental contexts; the role of inclusion, leadership, resources, or other factors in initiating or supporting collaborative decision-making; and the short- and long-term outputs and outcomes of CG processes.

In addition to the journal manuscript, authors are encouraged to submit new cases to the CG Case Database(https://collaborativegovernancecasedatabase.sites.uu.nl/submitting/), following their pre-defined format. All cases in the database are fully citable, DOI-tracked publications.

For more information, contact Prof. Nicola Ulibarri (ulibarri@uci.edu). We look forward to receiving your proposals!


  • 15 July 2021: Interested authors should submit short (<300 word) abstracts to ulibarri@uci.edu
  • 15 September 2021: Deadline for case write-ups to be submitted the CG Case Database
  • 15 December 2021: Deadline for submission to Environmental Management via Editorial Manager