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2020 Earth System Governance Conference in Bratislava – Panel on Polycenticity?


Dear all,

For the Earth System Governance Conference 2020 in Bratislava, Slovakia, 15-17 September 2020 (Call for Papers), Andreas Thiel, Arvind Lakshmisha and myself from Uni Kassel would like to submit a panel on polycentricity.

If you were interested to joint the effort, please send us your abstract of 300 words by Friday, 10 January (schuetze@uni-kassel.de) or let us know what you plan and send it over the weekend. The idea is to plan the panel bottom-up, i.e. to see what submissions we get and then develop the panel. We will let you know on Monday if we go ahead and with what abstracts so that if you alternatively planned to submit a paper independently to the conference you could still do so before Wednesday, 15 January, which is the final submission deadline.

Anything related to methods for better assessing polycentric governance, dynamics of polycentric governance, problems and virtues of polycentric governance, new fields of application, relations between the systems’ level and the actor-centred level in PG or conceptual treatments relating it to other approaches and theories would be highly welcome. Many of you probably have a paper idea or an abstract at hand that fits the purpose….

It would be great to receive this in order to become visible once again as a coherent group at the conference and see if we can plan something together subsequently as follow-up.

Very best wishes and thanks a lot for your cooperation.

Andreas, Nora and Arvind

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