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Recording online: Polycentric Network Infrastructure


Dear members to the Network and participants of the webinar series,

find the recording of the first session of both this years webinar and the first in our polycentric infrastructure governance miniseries, by Rolf Kunneke on “The interrelatedness between technology and institutions in
network infrastructures: A polycentric perspective” online at the webinar recording page .

Thanks to the many people who participated in the last session, hope to see you and all those interested at the next iterration of the miniseries on March 3th, when Prof. Marty Anderies discusses about “Exploring design principles for governing robust, resilient, and equitable Coupled Infrastructure Systems”.

If you want to chair a session in the series, please contact polycentricity_network@uni-kassel.de

The Editorial Team
Arvind, Renata, Rezaul and Jens