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PCN Webinar: Quantitative Data, IAD and Concepts of Polycentricity – a Discussion” on December 2th.(Mark Stephan)


Dear PCN Members and visitors,

were happy to let you know about the 12th. session on our webinar series on polycentric governance, taking place on December 2th., 5 p.m. CET (Find your time here).

Mark Stephan Mark Stephan will discuss the extent to which quantitative data could and should be used with the IAD and polycentric concepts. Mark is an associate professor of Political Science in the School of Politics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs at Washington State University Vancouver. His research is in the areas of climate change governance, environmental justice, and environmental policy in US states. Currently he is working with colleagues on a multi-year study on climate change governance that intends to understand state-local connections through a polycentric lens.
Mark´s session will be less of a research presentation and more of an exploratory look at the limits of the Bloomington School when it comes to large datasets. You may join the discussion: here
Kindly share the session with all interested colleagues and groups related to polycentric governance!

The recordings of the last session with Daria Gritsenko and all prior sessions can be watched as logged in user here PG Webinar Recordings

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