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Polycentricity Working Group – Recording online


Dear members and interested public,

we are please to let you know that you may acces the recording of the latest session of the Ostrom workshop hosted policentricity working group now. The group usally meets twice a year to discuss and work on all topics related to Policentricity and currently encompases 175 members.
In the latest installment, the idea of having reading groups was raised and received a lot of support. If you are insterested in this, please mail your ideas to Bill Blomquist blomquis@iu.edu . To keep up with this and all other policentric matters, kindly consider signing up to the mail list: https://ostromworkshop.indiana.edu/mailing-list/
The Policentricity Network seeks for more cooperation with the Working Group in policentric spirit and is currently working out means to bring the two groups closer togheter.

Find the recording file here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1teMilVJ23gAvebGPChHJ_oz-XejHkeyC/view