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ERL/ECL Special Issue on Markets and the Commons


Dear members and interested public,

we wanted to make your aware of the possibility to publish in the upcoming special Issue on Markets and the Commons: Pressures, Responses, and Pathways, managed by guest editors of dear colleague of this community around Dustin Garrick.

The papers may be published open acces in the either Environmental Research Letters or Environmental Research Communications . Both journals are fully open access, completely free to read, and funded solely by article publication charges (APCs).

Garrick, Bennet, Epstein and colleagues state that this special issue “brings together an interdisciplinary, state-of-the-field collection of innovative empirical research and synthesis studies to assess: the pressures, risks and opportunities posed by market integration; the behavioural, technological and institutional responses to these pressures and opportunities; and pathways that examine markets and the commons over long time periods and from a systems perspective in the context of shocks, disturbances and non-linear dynamics. An interdisciplinary group of scholars, led by a team that has been advancing research on the relationship of markets and the commons, will bring together cutting-edge studies that advance innovative methods and empirical evidence on market pressure, market access and market-based instruments. Further, the collection will deliberately cover multiple types of CPRs, forests, freshwater, fisheries, biodiversity and the linkages across them, especially those related to climate risks, common demographic trends (e.g. rapid urbanisation) and development priorities (e.g. reducing poverty and inequality). This will be a broad and inclusive collection that examines several key themes related to markets and the commons, particularly at the intersection of the natural sciences and environmental social sciences.”

Please find more on the special issue and how to contribute to this here: https://iopscience.iop.org/journal/1748-9326/page/Focus_on_Markets_and_the_Commons_Pressures_Responses_and_Pathways

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